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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Arizona Property Owners Faced with Hail Damage Now Have Help

For people who do not live in the arid Southwest, the idea that powerful hailstorms can wreak havoc on people’s property may come as a surprise. However, residents from places such as the Phoenix metropolitan area know all too well that hailstorms are a real property threat that are not just associated with the monsoon season.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports that hail causes approximately $1 billion dollars in damage to properties and crops each year in the United States. One of the nation’s largest insurance providers, The Travelers Companies, reports that between 2009 and 2015, 15% of homeowners insurance claims with the company were caused by hail.

Storms that produce hail can occur anywhere and at anytime of the year, although Arizona and many other states experience the most storms from May through September. When they do occur, they can cause extensive damage to people’s homes, businesses and vehicles. Fortunately, hail damage to a home or building is covered by many homeowners insurance and commercial property policies.

“While hailstorms can vary in intensity, property owners are advised to check for signs of damage after a storm that produced hail has left the area,” said Douglas Waldie, President of Hudson Douglas Public Adjusters, LLC. “This includes inspecting roofs, skylights, siding, windows, doors and screens. Also check outdoor furniture, grills and air conditioning units for damage. Some types of hail damage may also cause exterior damage that will allow water to enter a building. If this occurs it should be addressed quickly as many wet building materials can allow for the growth of mold in less than 48 hours. Older hail damaged properties could also encounter asbestos and lead-based paint issues during cleanup, demolition or repair activities.” 

Those faced with hail damage to their insured property should consider utilizing the services of a licensed and knowledgeable public adjuster to represent their interests and to help ensure the property is completely repaired. The experts at Hudson Douglas Public Adjusters provide this service to policyholders of both residential and commercial properties throughout Arizona.  They also recently sponsored a video about hailstorms and property damage that can be seen at:

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