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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Property Damage Insurance Claims in Arizona Caused by Sewage Contamination

Two words no property owner ever wants to hear is the phrase “sewage contamination.” If it occurs, it can cause extensive damage to a property and create serious exposure concerns for anyone who lives or works in the building.

There are a number of scenarios that can result in sewage contamination in a building. Some of the most common causes include a backed up or broken sewer line, malfunctioning septic system or as a result of a flooding event that brings sewage from the outdoors into a home or building. In addition to the unpleasant nature of sewage contamination, it can also destroy building materials, furnishings and belongings. Some nonporous materials can potentially be cleaned and disinfected, but most porous materials will need to be discarded.

Sewage contamination can expose people to a wide range of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and parasites. Standing water and wet materials will allow many of these organisms to multiple and the introduced moisture can result in the rapid growth of mold on many materials throughout a property. In some circumstances, there could even be potentially hazardous chemicals mixed in with the sewage.

“Contact with any of these contaminants or pathogens could result from direct contact, ingestion or inhalation,” said Tom Allen from Hudson Douglas Public Adjusters, LLC. “All building occupants could be at risk, but this is especially true for anyone with a weakened or suppressed immune system. Due to the health concerns and complications associated with properly assessing and remediating sewage contamination, most property owners faced with this scenario in their residential or commercial property should consider expert advice and help.  For those filing an insurance claim, an experienced public adjuster can make all the difference to ensure that no damage is overlooked and that the property is safely remediated and repaired.”

The insurance claims and property damage experts at Hudson Douglas Public Adjusters offer help to residents and business owners faced with sewage contamination in their property.  Their professionals will manage, file and resolve the insurance claim to make sure all damages are recognized, documented, repaired and settled fairly. Hudson Douglas Public Adjusters also recently sponsored an educational video about sewage contamination, property damage and exposure concerns that can be seen at:

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